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Elegant Care Services

‘We aim to support people with mental health, learning disabilities and autistic problems to do the things they want to do, live the lives they want to live and access those opportunities that all citizens should take once arise’

Elegant Care Services

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Dear Visitor,

My name is PravinSingh Boodoo I am director of Elegant Care Service, I wish to send my thanks and regards to you for visiting our page, also welcome you to Elegant Care Services. I am a delight, to introduce you to our services which are ranked best in following by the Care Quality Commission in their inspection report.
  • > Safe
  • > Effective
  • > Caring
  • > Responsive
  • > Well-led

  • We provide services and support for the people who suffer from in various mental health issues like Dementia, Learning disability, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and other. We also provide care in physical disabilities, sensory impairments and personal care need for adults and elderly. Elegant Care services believe in high professional values and aim best in treating our service users. The staff at the company is well trained and follows high care rules and principles. Elegant Care is looking forward to setting the success story in the industry as it has shown growth with reasonable speed in past three years. We have value commitment towards the care of needy service users as per individual needs based on modern care principles that focus on people centered approach in the care industry. We highly regard and follow industry standards and continuously look for improvements as we learn.

    I invite you to ask us questions, share your ideas and concerns

    PraveenSingh Boodoo
    Elegant Care Services

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    Clinical Director’s Message

    Dear Visitor,

    My name is Zeeshan Khan and I am the Clinical Director at Elegant Care Services, after the warm welcome for visiting our website, I would like to share some basic introduction regarding our services provided by Elegant Care Services. Elegant Care has been registered care provider since 2013 in the Berkshire area and we focus on the quality of services for our service users with various mental health issues.

    For the level of our service quality, please do check inspection report with Care Quality Commission at their website on following link . My team consists of experienced, educated and capable care staff with an excellent book, especially since past three years. As a New care provider, we are attempting to crack the old rules in care and arrive with more human-friendly and people centered care. I assure you that we are individually focused and need to be based in our dealing with our clients. My team is trained and well skilled in providing care, support for Dementia, Learning disability, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Autism, Challenging Behaviour, individuals recovering from substance/alcohol misuse and other Forensic Complex needs. I invite you for any question or query regarding our services and do not forget to have a look at our success stories which can give better insight about our support at Elegant Care Services.

    Zeeshan Khan
    Clinical Director
    Elegant Care Services

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