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Success Stories

First Case

S is a 62yrs an old lady who suffers from learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. She was not sleeping at night and would spend the whole day in bed. She was moved to Elegant Care services Ltd as an emergency referral as the house she was living in for 16yrs was closing down. She was kept in the house whole day due to her unpredictable challenging behaviour and would only go to a church group once a week. She was also heavily smoker. When moved she was very disturbed and restless. S was a chain smoker and she was very aggressive towards staff. The manager supported her with psychiatric appointments and enrolled her to smoke cessations program. The visit to the psychiatrist was fruitful as she calms down with her new med. She was gradually introduced to different activities such as bowling, swimming, cinema within the community. She was also introduced to a day center where she made friends. she also managed to quit smoking after 3 months as staff at Elegant Care were very supportive. S lives a normal life now. She goes to bed at 10 PM and wakes up around 9 AM. She participates in many activities such as bowling, cinema, food shopping, swimming etc, keeping herself busy and made friends. Her life has completely transformed from being someone who would never go out during the day, spending her time in bed, to a person who is now active, enjoys her time out and made lots of friends.

Second Case

R is a 75yrs old gentleman. He was living in his garage inside his old car even though he had a big house which he neglected and was in a dilapidated state. He was also drinking heavily and even neglected himself. He would eat only can food, his physical health became worse with his both feet had a chronically infected abscess. He was always in pain and became pale as he was malnourished. He was taken to hospital by the local authority. He was later moved to Elegant Care with all the physical problems. At ECS Ltd, he was referred to a skin specialist and physiotherapist. He was supported by his personal care and staff took good care of the chronically infected abscess. He would visit the local pub with staff support for his drink. As it was his wish to have alcohol every day, to discourage him going to the pub, staff was buying him drinks which he would have in his room. This was part of support in his care plan. He started eating healthy and gradually started participating in the house activities. Within 6 months his feet abscess got healed and resulting in no pain, hence, stopped asking for painkillers. Moreover, with staff encouragement, he started cutting down on his drink and within 9 months he stopped drinking. As he was eating healthy, he started putting weight and look healthy so much so that his friends could not recognise him. Furthermore, ECS Ltd and his social worker managed to trace his family. Support him to make a Will and have a power of attorney in place to manage is finance in case he lacks capacity. ECS Ltd also supported him to approach a state agent and sell his house. In addition to that, he was supported to take a funeral plan. He has become stronger physically and goes out for a walk on foot around the corner of the house or in the garden on his own to enjoy the nice weather. He also goes for food shopping and Costa every week. He went on holiday at Bournemouth which Elegant care organised.

Third Case

H is a 47yrs old lady. She suffers from learning disability and bipolar who spent most of her youth in secure units and residential care settings. She had to be supported all the time whenever she is out in the community. She never worked in her life due to her challenging nature. She was only going to the day center and St John for voluntary. She was not allowed to go on holiday due to a past incident where thing went very wrong. When she moved to Elegant care it was a big challenge for us. However, we started engaging her in meaning activities which she likes. We also referred her to a behaviour therapist who worked with her. We encouraged her to take small risks to give her confidence in herself. We start to travel train her, engaged her with the local Ways-into-work which support people with disabilities to find paid employment. Moreover, we also managed to enroll her with the local St John to continue her volunteering. Initially, we introduced her to the local Thames Hospice Charity shop where she started doing voluntary work to gain experience. After 6 months with us, she was quietly confident and managed to secure a seasonal job at Legoland with the support of Ways-into-Work. She successfully completed her seasonal contract last year and was offered the same job this year which she enjoys doing. She started earning and last year went on Holiday to Greece, Corfu which Elegant Care organise every year. We also engaged her with Windsor Mencap where she participated in different activities and managed to won 1st price at Slough Games last year. After travel training, she is going to the local charity shop for her voluntary work and to Costa coffee on her own. She also has started cooking under supervision.