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Supported Living Services

We provide care and accommodation to support adults with both mental and physical disabilities to live in the community within supported living scheme and residential care facilities. We are aware of the concept behind supported living and our staff is skilled with carer requirements necessary for such role of carer. Our staff knows well how-to rapport with new service users to support them well. We at ECS understand that mental health issues can lead people to homelessness and other daily life issues. We at ECS also understand that people with mental health find it very difficult to live and maintain a good quality living. Through day-to-day support, our staff makes sure that our service users lead to a stable living and enjoy their careful journey toward. During supported living, we make sure that our staff provides good living support based on needs of the service user and deals with day to day symptoms and catches at any early warning signs of relapse to help service user at a time. Our services use a recovery-based approach focusing on promoting independence, re-learning skills they may have lost and improving self-confidence. Progress can be seen in different ways; for example, engagement with the local community, using educational facilities and being able to manage their own money and make appropriate choices for food and shopping. This service provides High, Medium and Low support needs from 24hrs a day to only a few hours a day. Additionally, we also now provide intensive 1:1 support 24 hours a day. We track down a record of our service user progress and independent living plan and make changes from daily to monthly and quarterly service plans as progress are made by the service user. We support people living in our homes by encouraging them to find activities, fun, within their strengths and weaknesses so that they could take control over their lives on a day to day basis towards independent living with improvements in their mental health. We help our service users to set their short term and long-term life goals and support them towards the achievement of these realistic goals. With changes in supported needs of a service user, we do bring changes in the support system they are getting from our services.

Day Services

Day Services - include supported employment and follow up services, services with a vocational focus and personal development services. Needs for service user vary with issues they are facing yet we provide day care services from supports required for mobility, transportation, recreational activities and other selected activities as agreed to ensure their social participation and well-being. We provide the best support and guide our service users based on our experience so they could meet the best available option for them. From Local outgoing to games & sports, social activities, discussion groups, musical activities, joining a fitness programme, going for therapies, attendance at medical support and others. Our staff is trained to support clients on day care service based on their individual needs and choices.

Respite Services

Respite Services include respite for caregivers, crisis intervention, and other supports required to individuals and families in need. Our staff is trained to support people who required respite services. Staff provides care, supervision, medication support, wellbeing information, meals support, and specially tailored supports to service users

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care provide support to individuals of all ages and abilities to enable them to continue to enjoy the benefits of living independently in their own homes and local communities, whilst pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding life. This provides opportunity to create and manage their own services through direct funding. The patient receives assistance to make their own decisions from their support network of family and friends. As domiciliary care is designed for those who live independent at their homes but need certain supports to live in well-being. Our staff at ECS is trained to provide range of domiciliary support and skilled to bring changes in the lives of service users where they be more independent in future. Our staff fulfils set care standards for domiciliary care support. Our staff provides support based on varying care needs and situation of the service user. We tailor day support along with all related people involved and agreed with service user. Our staff loves to help people who need certain care needs on domiciliary bases.


Elegant Care Services (ECS) has supported housing within quality areas which are close to amenities and transport links, providing support and guidance in three key areas, social skills, daily living skills, education, and employment. Each home is furnished with high-quality furniture, Sky TV, pay phone facilities, wireless internet connection and where available parking and landscaped gardens are standard. We provide suited accommodation packages for service users and keep the quality of living standards for our service users. We also encourage our service users to develop a sense of belonging at our accommodation as such leads to the very friendly living atmosphere for everyone sharing the place. We at ECS provide standard living with all components of safe accommodation regarding fire safety, health safety and other seasonal safety measures ensured.

Our service users are individuals who are:

  • Aged between 18-70 with recognised mental health needs, autism, and learning disabilities.
  • Transitional support from Home to Supported Living Scheme of 17 to 20 year
  • Recovering from alcohol and substance misuse.
  • Ready to be discharged from psychiatric wards.
  • Forensic and Arsonist.
  • Have been private referrals from GPs.

Support and Activities


At ECS we support our service users for following living supports and activities to ensure their journey towards independent living and happy life.

  • Accommodation and housing
  • Medication
  • Transportation
  • Cooking & meals
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Laundry support
  • Assistance with personal care & hygiene
  • On call support
  • Support with financial & budgetary issues where apply
  • Support in finding work & activities venues
  • Leisure and recreational support
  • Holidays support where apply
  • Social skills support
  • Emotional support
  • Shopping support
  • Documentation support where apply
  • Support in communication where apply
  • Support while attending a guest where required
  • Mental health advocacy support
  • Travel training and support
  • Banking support where apply & required
  • Job center application support
  • Benefits application support where required
  • Voluntary work support where apply
  • Support during Cinema or Theatre visit where required
  • ADHD care support
  • Dementia care support
  • Learning disability care support
  • Depression and anxiety care support
  • Bipolar care support
  • Drug and substance abuse care support
  • Domiciliary care support
  • 24 hours care support
  • Floating care support
  • Low need care support
  • Medium need care support
  • High need care support
  • Drug & substance advocacy & rehabilitation support


At ECS we support our service users for following living supports and activities to ensure their journey towards independent living and happy life.

  • Voluntary work
  • Bowling
  • Games
  • Holidays tour
  • Cooking & barbeque events
  • At home socialising & common TV viewing
  • Library visits
  • Walk at park
  • Fishing
  • Billiards & snooker games
  • Music events participation
  • Charity events participation
  • Community support activities
  • Room Cleaning
  • Support during Cinema or theatre visit where required
  • Bathing
  • Gardening
  • House chores